You Know, I Used To Be Your Mom

May 2, 2011

Kids say some creepy things. I was named after my grandmother, who died before I was born. For the sake of this story, let’s say we share the name Mary.

When I was about 3 I was sitting at the dinner table and humming to myself when I stopped, turned to my mom and said “you know, I used to be your mom”. She, distracted as most mothers are, responded “oh really?”. I continued “Yes and I was Mary then too, and I took care of you and then I died and now it’s your turn to take care of me”. My mom dropped what she was doing and stared but I had already gone back to humming and eating my dinner like nothing happened. Apparently the creepiest part was that I was now holding my spoon with my pinky bent in, which was exactly how my grandmother’s hand was fused after an accident late in her life.

I’d like to say that this justifies my enjoyment of daytime television and hard candy found at the bottom of my purse, but I’m not sure.

– Posted by thrillhouse ; Reddit.


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