Upper Half Of a Man’s Body Leaning From Around The Corner

May 2, 2011

When I was 8 years old I was playing sega genesis in my basement facing away from the corner that leads to my stairs up to the main level. I had a weird feeling/sense that I was being watched even though I was the only one in the basement.

I turned around to see the upper half of a mans body leaning from around the corner. He was wearing a business suit and his necktie was visibly loosened. He had ‘bags’ under his eyes and looked visibly distraught/sad. He was slightly translucent and was more or less varying shades of white/dark grey.

As soon as we made eye contact he seemed slightly startled and ducked back behind the corner. I edged my way along the wall so I could keep a maximum distance from the corner where he was until I saw and heard nothing. I then ran up the stairs faster than my legs could barely keep up.

It wasn’t the last experience I had with this ghost of our house, but it was the only time I visibly saw him. Since I first saw him though only good things have inexplicably happened that we attribute to the ghost.

well there was the time me and my sister were home alone and we heard distinctly cardboard boxes filled with stuff in our basement being moved and dropped to loud audible thuds from the main level of our house.

Then there was the time that my mom was using the copy machine we had in our basement, taking trips from the copy machine back upstairs about 8 or so times. On the last trip down to the copy machine she noticed an earring that she had been missing for a few months sitting on the tray that you pull up to put something to be copied directly in the middle. That one just can’t be explained because if it had been there during her previous 8 copy trips it would have slid down behind the machine.

Just recently my mom had been trying to find a wall outlet/car appliance adapter that I could use because my cell phone charger decided not to work. She was looking for it for a few weeks and then one day while she was home alone it was just sitting on the middle of the steps that lead up to the bedrooms.

Once when my parents were visiting my brother in Italy and my sister was in college, I was again home alone. I turned off the lights and locked the doors and went upstairs to get ready for bed. I was laying in my bed eyes wide open not feeling too tired when I heard a sound that can only be described as a full china cabinet being thrown to the floor and all dishes and glasses inside shattering. I immediately grabbed a baseball bat and lurked around my house listening for anything(as I was 100% sure I had a break-in (imagine Snake from metal gear with a baseball bat). I eventually got done ssearching everything and nothing was out of place, or broken, or anything. The doors were locked and I barricaded the door to my bedroom while sleeping with a baseball bat all night.

That last one wasn’t all too helpful I suppose but in general, the ghost helps us find long lost things by having them turn up in wide open areas. There have been other occurrences that have happened to my family that I can’t recall the specific details for, but all have been good.

– Posted by Cservantes ; Reddit.


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