Stuff Started Breaking

May 2, 2011

This is my friends story, I’ve heard him tell it several times and I know his family and it’s all true.

About 10 years ago him and his family were living in a house together. Two story, 5 bedrooms, him, his 2 sisters, his brother, and his mother and father. About a month after they moved in they started hearing noises. Small things here and there, little creaks and moans; they assumed it was just the house settling or whatever. This goes on for a couple of months, then it starts getting worse. Cabinets and doors slamming when no one is home type of stuff (experienced by everyone individually.) Then stuff started breaking, like things coming out of the cabinets and smashing on the floor; cups, plates, bowls. Water would turn on. They would hear voices at night and all had terrible nightmares. They started not sleeping alone, as everyone was too scared to sleep alone. Eventually, for the last two months they lived there (they couldn’t afford to break the lease) they all just lived in the living room together. They never went into any other rooms except the bathroom, and even then not alone ever. Even staying together they would hear things from upstairs and never got any good rest until they moved out.

– Posted by neonshadow ; Reddit.

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