Sister Suggests That I Hang Out The Window

May 2, 2011

Nothing creeped me out at the time, but I’ve got at least one story to tell…

When I was a kid,back at my old house, I had assumed my sister and I were playing in the attic, sister suggests that I hang out the window for whatever reason. A few seconds later, my dad,outside, sees me hanging almost fully out of a third story window on my own, starts yelling and running, etc. After I get pulled back inside, my mom and sister insist that I was alone in the attic for the last hour, that my sister was with my mom the whole time, and my dad had passed my sister (on the ground level) before heading back inside…

I assume at least one of them’s lying to me about something, certainly more plausible than a ghost tried to get me to kill myself… still…

Of course there’s the occasional whiffs of perfume or tobacco that I’d never smelled before, or hearing a chunk of a conversation coming from an empty room.

– Posted by brain_scratch; Reddit.


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