Please Don’t Go Into The Wall Again

May 2, 2011

When my son was 3-4 we lived in an old house (built before 1920). My son had a big room toward the front of the house.

At night, my wife or I would get him in bed, read a story, all that stuff. After we’d lived there awhile, my wife went and read his bedtime story. After she finished, she noticed he was crying. She asked what was wrong and he said “Please don’t go in the wall again!”

She asked him what he was talking about- apparently he had 3 mommies and they went in the wall and talked to him at night.

He’s 6 now and he does have some memory of it, but hasn’t really explained it any more than that.

Also, a few nights ago, he told my wife he didn’t think that my daughter should fall asleep with him in his bed (she’s 2 and loves her big brother dearly and sometimes sleeps in his bed) because the ghosts would scare her. He said he hasn’t seen them in our new apartment, but in the old house (different one, also an older house) he’s see ghosts that would talk to him at night. They were only shapes and colors and would say to him “Gold and white”.
– Posted by robywar ; Reddit.

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