My Mom Yelling At Me

May 2, 2011

Back in high school, it’s nighttime. I lived in a two story house, I’m in my room upstairs and my mom is downstairs watching TV. So I’m just doing stuff on the computer when I hear my mom yelling at me, asking “what is it?” So I have no idea what she’s saying to me, so I yell back “What?” and she asks me “Why are you calling me?”

At this point, I figure she heard something on the TV and thought I was calling her or something. So I go downstairs so we can stop yelling at each other, and I tell her I didn’t say anything to her. Now she’s confused as well and swears she heard me calling her. The TV is muted and we’re just about to shrug it off when we hear someone calling out “Mom”. The entire house was silent, and we both heard this as clear as day, and what really sent chills down my spine was that the voice sounded exactly like mine. It was a bit muffled, like it was coming from the walls.

We just sat there stunned in silence, waiting to see if we could hear it again and freaked out the entire night about it afterwards. I remember that night I had the worst nightmares (I think?) All I remember is waking up like three times during the night feeling scared and breaking out in a cold sweat, but can’t remember for the life of me any of the dreams I had. Anyways, we never heard that voice again and it’s really the one “supernatural” experience I’ve ever had.

Damn now I’m all jittery.

– Posted by greencandy; Reddit.


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