Locked Out

May 2, 2011

two friends of mine were living in a flat in ireland when some weird shit started happening. both of them, within the first few nights of them staying there, would wake with a start to hear the front door slam shut, with themselves locked on the outside. neither of them had ever sleep walked before, and several times, they would wake up standing outside the flat, with the door soundly locked behind them. the first time this happened, one of my friends was on his own in the flat, so he could not be let back in. as it was in ireland, which is generally shit cold, he went to a nearby neighbours and knocked on the door, explaining that he had somehow been locked out of the house and couldnt get back in. they invited him in for a cuppa while he waited, and then proceeded to tell him that almost everyone who lived in that flat had experienced the exact same thing: being sound asleep only to wake and find themselves locked out of the apartment.

then a night or two later, one of the guys was too drunk, so the other one led him to bed where he promptly passed out. when he awoke, he was in a strange room, with a frightened and angry girl standing in the doorway. somehow, he had gotten into her flat, which had a high level security lock that required a five digit pin on it, and then proceeded to sleep in her room. normally i would dismiss this last part as my friend being too drunk to remember what was going on, but the fact that the other friend wasnt drunk and remembers putting him to bed, and how he got in through the door that was soundly locked, makes me believe it wasnt just my alcoholic friends.

needless to say, i was glad that when i stayed in ireland with those friends, they had found an entirely new house

– Posted by pensaint11; Reddit.


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