I want you to listen carefully. Don’t write this down.

May 2, 2011

I was driving home on vacation, it’s a 15 hour drive. I usually split it up into two days. So after half way into a trip, I stop at a little Ma and Pa restaurant. I love eating bad food, so order some biscuits and gravy or whatever. I was smoking a cigarette, you used to be able to do this 7 years ago in the hick cities.

Anyways, a guy comes in, looks like a average middle class guy. He sits down in my booth and looks at me, his posture is very straight. I don’t know what I remember that. He stares at me a moment and then goes “You are XYZ and are 23 years old. I want you to listen carefully. Don’t write this down”. Another person came in and I heard the bell on the door ring. The guy grabs my glass of water, gets up, spins around (so his back is to the door) and drinks the water (puts the glass in front of his face) while quickly walking to the bathroom.

I turn around, the guy that came in is(was) looking at me. He walked up to the bar and order a coffee. I sat there at ate and was really confused. I went to the bathroom, the guy wasn’t there. I pissed, paid and then left.

Weird, so I drive on – probably another hour or two and then find a shitty hotel and crash. I went to sleep. It’s thundering bad, I wake up and smoke my last cigarette. I can’t sleep, it’s raining hard. I have more cigarettes in the car, so I run out in the rain. I get my a new pack of cigs and jogging back to my room, I turn the corner and bump into someone. I slip and fall on my ass. I look up, it’s that fucking guy from the restaurant (the second guy). He takes off like a bat out of hell. I’m freaked out, I run back to my room and lock the door. My heart feels like it’s going to explode. I sit on the end of the bed and light a smoke. I’m trying to convince myself that everything is alright.

I’m looking down at the floor. It’s all wet. I look around the floor and there are wet foot prints. A track from the door to my nightstand, to the other bed, to the restroom and out. My heart was beating so fast that I was a bit dizzy and was getting hard to breath.

I scramble to my bags, I grab a small pocket knife. I’m looking around at my stuff, nothing seems missing. I run to the door, look though the peep hold, nothing. I’m afraid to look out the blinds for some reason. I feel like I’m losing my mind.

I pick up my cell phone to check the time. The battery is dead…. I pick up the phone, the line is dead. In one hand I start hitting random buttons thinking you have to dial something to get out (ie. 9 for example). In the other hand I’m trying to get my cell phone to power on. I’m trying hard to read the directions on the [land line] phone. It says things like “Dial 1 4 to get the Front desk, etc” and I try some of those, no luck. There is a knock at the door.

-My heart stops.

-My heart is pounding.

-Time is standing still and moving to fast.

-I can’t breath.

-I’m breathing in to much air.

The next thing I remember is hearing cars driving. I look around, it’s morning. I must of passed out. I get up. I feel fine, I’m refreshed and relaxed; expect for the fact I need my morning cig and coffee. I look around for my cigs and pull one out of the pack.

I can’t find the ash tray. I’m trying to remember everything. I remember I was smoking before I passed out. I look around for burn marks on the carpet. None. I grab the trash can from the bathroom and flick my ashes in it. I look around some more. I can’t find my pocket knife. I’m confused. The room looks neat and clean. I look at the door, it still has the manual lock locked (chain lock thing).

I remember digging though my back pack last night, but it’s all zipped up. My clothes are folded, which is abnormal. I don’t fold my clothes. If I did, I couldn’t of folded them that well.

I’m freaked out again, I check my stuff, but besides my pocket knife and the hotels ash tray, all is there. I get to the front desk, give the lady my key and tell her I’m checking out. She looks at me funny and says “you got quite a shiner there”. She does something with the computer and after a minute or two has me checked out. I get to my a car and look in the mirror. I have a big black eye. It doesn’t hurt. It’s not puffed up. But it’s really bruised.

I get in my car and drive. I drive the rest of the way home without even stopping to piss.

I wasn’t on drugs. I am not insane (as far as I know :P). I can’t explain it.

– Posted by [Name since deleted] ; Reddit.


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