I Think John Is Dead

May 2, 2011

Here is one that happened to my family. My elderly uncle, John, was sick for a long time. Knowing he was going to die he started reading his bible and tried to get his sister, my mom, back into the church as well. He even sent her a bible (which she promptly shelved) and forgot about it. Meanwhile my uncle was having a fight with his daughter and refused to call her back.

Now, he was in a lot of pain and not dying quickly enough so he decided to eat a bullet to get on the wrong side of the grass. Blew the top of his head clean off.

Meanwhile, at her home, the bible he had given my mother jumps off the shelf and flies 20 feet through the air. Thinking it just fell, somehow, we replaced it on the shelf. It immedietely jumped out and flew across the room. Now freaked out, we were both kinda scared. We put the book back in place and sat on the couch, kinda waiting for it to jump out, but nothing happened and we went into the kitchen and started to make dinner. Suddenly we heard a loud noise and ran into the room to find the bible, laying open thirty feet away. Seeing the bible was open to the “Nook of John” my mother looked up at me and said “I think John is dead. A call to his wife confirmed the death.

Meanwhile, Katie, John’s daughter later told us at the same time we were having bibles chucked at us she was getting phone calls, clearly from her father telling her “I’m sorry” over and over. These calls immedietly started after his death and continued for a few weeks.

Yes, my mother started going to church and no, I didn’t.

– Posted by Unknown ; Reddit.


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