I Saw Something Standing On Your Roof Last Night

May 2, 2011

Sorry for the lengthiness of this post, but I have several stories and I couldn’t decide which was the most unnerving. Some of these are from myself, and then some from my family and friends. (Although, there are many more than this.)


When I was about 10 years old, we lived in an old rental house while the house my parents currently live in was being built. One night I couldn’t sleep, so I lay awake in bed. I heard some rustling going on in the dining room, and I assumed one of my parents was up doing something. So, I rolled over on my side and looked at the wall, only to see the form of someone squatted down by my bed, their head on the same level as mine. This person cocked their head when I made eye contact, although I could see no eyes, and I just stared back in disbelief. Although there was some light coming through my windows, no light seemed to hit him. He stood out against the light reflecting off of the wall, yet I could see no discernable features, just a black mass of a human. I rolled over the other way, utterly terrified to scream for fear of what he’d do. Needless to say, I never went back to sleep that night, and only in the light of the morning did I roll back over. Whatever it was, it had left my room without a sound. I coolly asked my parents the next morning if they’d been awake because I thought I’d heard something, and they said they both had slept through the night.

About 4 years after this incident, we had moved into the house that was being built. One night before bed I was cleaning up a few things we’d left out while playing with friends in the yard – some bikes, my sister’s electric Barbie jeep, etc. I had gotten everything inside except for the basketball, so I went back for it. As I crossed the driveway, I threw the ball down as hard as I could to see how high I could bounce it, catch it, and repeat. As I approached the house, I bounced the ball one last time, and as my eyes followed it up, they stopped on something in front of me. Crouched on the gutter of my roof, about 10 feet in front of me, was the same, featureless form I’d seen several years prior. The basketball soared over my head and into the bushes. He immediately stood up, turned around, and walked up the steep slope of my garage roof as if it were nothing, then disappeared down the other side. Didn’t make a sound. I never saw anything like him again, and I don’t care to.

This story is similar to the previous. My grandma is the oldest of seven kids, one which has since passed away from cancer. When they were young, before the youngest one or two were born, they all lived together with my great-grandparents in a house in Jeffrey, West Virginia. This house has many scary stories, and this is just one of those. Several of the kids found themselves being awakened at night by a noise on the roof. After this happening several nights in a row, they went downstairs to wake up their parents. They could never get them to wake up in time to hear the footsteps, as they would stop the second my great-grandparents awakened. So, my great-grandpa just thought the kids were being kids and told them not to bring it up again. One night after, the noise was incredibly loud and so the kids were very scared. They ran downstairs and awakened their parents, this time who did hear the banging. So, my great-grandpa got his gun out and went outside. Naturally, he found nothing on the roof. The noises stopped after this and never came back. However, the next day, a neighbor came over and said, “Just wanted to let you know that I saw something standing on your roof last night.”

One of my best friend’s grandpas is married to his second wife, who no one likes for various reasons. Ultimately, she’s a user who takes advantage of her husband. However, she’s also quite crazy. She frequently wakes up in the middle of the night screaming with awful dreams and visions. Although she claimed to have seen odd beings and creatures during the night, he never believed her. One night she awoke from a dream, then saw something standing in the corner of the room. She calmly awoke her husband and pointed into the corner, asking, “Believe me now?” In the corner, he saw a dark-robbed form with the body of a human but the head of an animal, an animal he has never been able to describe as anything other than utterly terrifying and otherworldly. He yelled, and it disappeared into a vapor. He has since split with his wife.

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  1. I was brushing my teeth last night, as I looked up I spotted something in the mirror. Leaning over the roof gutter and looking in through the window at me. As soon as I saw it, It pulled up and was gone. Looked Greyish and moved quickly and quietly. Needless to say I closed the window 🙂

  2. Reason I came across your stories,is cause I can relate to yours. The other night while i was asleep I felt something pressing on the chest,causing me to wake up, because I could not move.My nephew was sleeping next to me, but when I started screaming no one heard me. I could hear myself scream so loud my voice began to fade. I then shouted God’s name and it relseased. As I turned my head I saw a dark shape standing there..slowly fading away.
    Last night 21/02/2013, about 02:00 am…it seemed like someone was rolling alot of marbles on the roof, but I could hear non falling off. Afterwards it began to sound like someone walking up and down slowly with bare feet..taking pauses and scratching on the roof continuing almost an hour before it stopped. After it stopped I than felt as if it was inside the house. I did not peak,just tried to keep my heartbeat steady and prayed. I could feel the hairs on my arms and back raising.
    Any advise how I can chase away these spirits or vanquish them. I fear for the safety of my family.

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