Do You See That Light?

May 2, 2011

Alright, traffic is bad anyway, so instead of leaving I will write up my story for anyone who is interested. Hopefully I write it correctly so it’s not a “you had to be there” moment.

This was in early May 2002 if I remember right. My friends and I decided to climb Mount Massive in Colorado. So seven of us piled into a van and we’re on our way. We finally get to our base camp and it’s cold. We’re mostly prepared but we get quite a snow storm. No one else has been around all day while we were setting up. It’s clear that we probably should have waited a few more weeks for the weather to clear up a bit.

We had setup two tents for the base camp and it was getting dark fairly early. None of us were tired but with the snow coming down there wasn’t a lot we could do so we decided to try to sleep and get an early start up the mountain in the morning.

Now the time schedule is quite blurry in my mind, so I can’t say exactly what time events occurred but I do remember the order. People started getting sick. In fact, almost everyone was stepping out to puke their guts out at one point. Who knows, bad food, or the sudden weather/altitude change. The result however, was that we couldn’t sleep very well so as we lie in our sleeping bags we could hear what sounded like a walkie talkie type radio extremely far in the distance. Not enough to make out the words, but we were certain we could hear words coming across it. We thought maybe it could be some sort of weather station deep in the woods for hikers but as much as we tried to listen to it we couldn’t quite make it out. This put us all on edge a bit as it just didn’t feel right.

As the night went on, my younger brother continued to feel ill and decided he would sleep in the van. We had hung the key remote from a hook at the top of the tent, he unlocked it and went to the bench seat in the van. Not long after (15-20 minutes) I’m almost asleep and I hear him calling, “Guys, the driver door is open! Who opened the drivers door?!”

None of us had left our tents and none of us had heard anything. We shouted back letting him know we had no idea. He quickly jumped out of the van, slammed the sliding door shut, ran around and slammed the drivers door shut and ran back into the tent. He said while he was in the van the first thing he did was check the seats behind him with the hair on the back of his neck sticking straight up.

We were all a little freaked out but in order to calm him down we stayed calm and told him to lock the doors and try to get some sleep. Using the remote locked the doors and he hit it a second time arming the alarm.

After a while, he’s feeling rather ill again and decides to blow off the earlier situation and tells us he’s going to go sleep in the van again. This time he unlocks the door with the remote and goes out to the van and the sliding door is open 3-4 inches. Now he’s really freaked out. We all heard him slam the door shut (consequently, the next day we checked and you can’t arm the alarm with a door open.) so being a good brother (and hoping it was warmer in the van than the tent), I told him I’d sleep in the van too. I did a quick walk around the van looking for foot prints in the snow but there was nothing. I chose the front passenger seat. We got in, got situated and locked it all up.

Next thing I know, he’s waking me up grabbing my shoulder with all his might. He points to the side and says, “Do you see that light?!” I didn’t see a thing. He told me that way off in the distance, there was a small flashing yellow light that looked like an emergency lantern light.

At this point I’m having some difficulty sleeping and I suddenly become fully awake when I see the yellow light 40-50 feet ahead of the van. This time, I’m the one waking him up and he sees it and confirms it’s the same light he’d seen earlier. I open the door and call out to the rest of the guys and both tents confirm they see it but it’s snowing heavily so we can’t see much else. We’re kind of discussing the situation trying to determine what this light is and for no logical reason we’re all feeling very threatened by it. So we decide to check it out but it disappears. We walk a bit in the direction and there are no foot prints or signs of it.

After trying to write about it, it’s hard to capture how eerie the situation truly was. Nothing came out of it. The next morning we did our climb and had an excellent time. That night we decided there was no way we were staying at the base camp again and went into town to get a hotel. We spent most of that night going over the details from the previous night trying to put it all together with no luck. I’m convinced there was no person out there but I can’t explain the light, the doors, or the noises.

 – Posted by Unknown, Reddit


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