Complained About The Kids In The Next Room Making Too Much Noise

May 2, 2011

ok, back from work. I work for a school district. At a haunted school. I was there today. there have been numerous instances of doors not opening, missing items when no one else is onsite and noises when no on is around. Story 2 I once had a project to install a software package on all the PCs in the school. I was a holiday and I was the only one onsite. the doors were locked. I had finished all the school except for one long hallway. I opened all the doors and started all the PCs. when I went to the starting end of the hallway, i heard a loud crash, like a door slamming or bookcase falling over. i ran down the hallway, checking every room for damage. i found nothing. it was getting late so i turned everything off and shut all the doors. when i got to the same exact spot, my foot literally hitting the same spot, the noise happened again. only much much louder. as the sound echoed down the hall, i whirled a round and saw nothing. but i felt like someone was watching me until i left the building.

another time, another technician and i were working in the building during the summer. i left to work on another room. he came to me and complained about the kids in the next room making too much noise. I told him we were the only people in the building and that no one was outside as they were using the playground as a storage site for the roofers working on another building. we found the room empty, but desks had been moved around since when i was in there an hour earlier.

another incident was again during the summer break and we were working on PCs. another tech and I were alone in the locked building. I found a obsolete piece of equipment and tossed it at the doorjam, then went and worked on the 5 PCs in the room. 20min later, i went to lock the room up and the item at the doorjam was gone. I asked the other tech about it and he said he had never left the room. I never found that item during the 5 years ive worked there. I tore the room apart looking for it as well.

I talked with the principal about this stuff and she said she knew for a fact the building was haunted. the school district bought the land from a church and it was partly a graveyard. all the bodies were disinterred with a minister present and re interred at the town’s bigger cemetery all proper. now, the funny part is this…no staff member there has ever reported anything strange if a child is anywhere on campus. Only when kids are gone do weird things happen. teachers, maintenance men, janitors and lunch ladies all say the same thing. nothing ever malicious.

– Posted by Krase ; on Reddit


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