Carmel Is Dead

May 2, 2011

This happened a couple of years ago. I was staying at my fiances place one night, and she has a 6 year old son who’s room was right next to hers. I got up at about 1am to go take a leak. On my way back, I hear her son crying in his room. He has this stuffed cat from Build-a-Bear that he adores. It was his first ever Build-a-Bear that he got when he was 2 or 3 years old. It’s name is Carmel and it has once of the voice boxes that plays a meowing sound.

So, I go into his room and ask him what’s wrong, why is he crying? He said that one of the cats scratched Carmel as they were jumping off his bed and that he was hurt. I picked up his toy and look it over and see nothing. I ask him where Carmel got hurt, and he indicated to one of the toy’s paws. I gave it a kiss and said that it’s all better. He turned to me, tears in his eyes, and said that he wasn’t, and that Carmel was dead. I asked him why he would say that, and he responded that Carmel wasn’t talking. Thinking that he thought the voicebox was somehow damaged, or something and I activate it, and after it’s done meowing, I told him that everything is fine, and that Carmel still talked.

He looks up at me and in a matter-of-fact voice says that is the voicebox, not Carmel’s voice.

– Posted by fooblah ; Reddit


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