Blond Girl In The Corridor

May 2, 2011

The house I grew up is a fifteenth century convent converted into flats, we lived on the second floor and the house was rather big, this has no bearing with the story but I just wanted to do a bit of European bragging. Anyway we had three different guest that didn’t know each other see a blond girl at night in the corridor (none of my siblings are blond and neither am I). This was over a span of 12 years we lived in that house . Not one of them thought it was a ghost they all assumed it was one of my cousin or a friend sleeping over. I am not saying they saw ghosts, but it is curious that something makes the subconscious of three different people of three different backgrounds see the same thing. I always wondered what the originating input was, a painting a picture of a family member, a neighbour…

– Posted by Unknown ; Reddit.


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