A Blueish White Ball Of Light

May 2, 2011

I’m an atheist, not superstitious, and have never believed in ghosts. However I saw something one night which made me question my beliefs, and I really cannot explain what the hell I saw.

One night I was out at a restaurant with my then girlfriend. We were walking back to her place and decided to take a more romantic route home along the clifftops as it was a warm summer night. We followed the clifftop along for a while and decided to sit on one of the benches for a little bit and take in the view. After a while, something caught my eye about 20 metres further along from where we were sitting. A blueish white ball of light appeared, about the size of a tennis ball or a grapefruit, and began making slow, swirling patterns about 3 or 4 feet from the ground.

I looked at my girlfriend, and here eyes were fixed on this light too. Then it got even weirder. Two blueish white figures appeared, the ball of light still swirling between them. They were the figures of a man and a woman, who were standing looking out over the sea. I looked again at my girlfriend, and she was staring in amazement.

I’d like to say that we kept a level head and approached the figures, but to be honest, we were pretty freaked out. We stood up, and hastily made our way back to the road.

I returned to the spot the next day, determined to find something which could have looked like what we just saw, but all there was was a low fence to stop people falling off. There was, about midway between the bench we were sat on and where the “ghosts” were standing, a load of flowers and a plaque in memory of some guy who had fallen off the cliffs at that spot about a year before.

When I tell people this story, I never expect people to believe me – I wouldn’t have believed the story before I saw what I saw.

I’d love to find a rational explanation, or even a scientific theory on what ghosts are, but whenever I look for info on the net all I get is crackpot paranormal sites.

– Posted by Unknown; Reddit.


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