Think The Dark Shapes From Ghost

May 1, 2011

I have two stories.

When my grandfather died, my mom was holding his hand. She said she went rushing up a white tunnel and my grandfather was at the other side. He told her he loved her, but she wasn’t supposed to follow him, and shoved her as hard as she could. When she came to, she was in a chair and there were nurses all around and my grandfather’s doctor. At the moment of my grandfather’s death, my mom’s heart just… stopped. She was clinically dead for almost 2 minutes. They had to resort to paddles to bring her back. The dr. told her he was not a believer before, but had heard stories of souls so tightly bound to one another that the death of one can drag the other from its body. He believed then that was what had happened to my mother.

Later that night, my mom fell asleep on the floor in our living room looking at a candle. She woke when she heard my grandmother screaming. She was screaming because when she walked into the room, my mother’s sleeping body was floating nearly waisthigh off the ground.

The second is my own. When I was 19, I suffered a massive miscarriage and lost a lot of blood. To help with the pain, they gave me an IV push. I turned out to be allergic to the medication (which was also dispensed in too high a dosage and caused me to OD), the main reaction being cardiac depression. Between that and the blood loss, my heart stopped. I remember being in my body, cold and unable to move, no pain, no breathing, no hearbeat, and I watched the clock on the wall tick through the seconds. I remember the clock said 10:37 am.

In that time, a shadowy malevolent figure appeared at the foot of my bed (think the dark shapes from Ghosts) and told me I was dying and it was going to drag me to Hell. A shaft of pure white light appeared (like the sun through clouds), even though I was in an underground room with NO WINDOWS. In that shaft of light appeared hundred of tiny spots of light, like fireflies, that came out and began flying around the shadow. It was screaming and it retreated into a shadow on the wall and melted away.

My right hand got very warm and I heard my grandfather’s voice. He was sitting next to me and he said, “Did you really think I’d let you go through this alone?” He stayed me with me until my (then) husband came into the room, and finding me blue, still, and ice cold (except for my right hand) started shaking me and yelling. That was when I took my first breath and felt my heart thump in my chest for the first time in almost a minute.

When I finally managed to turn my head to face him, I said that I was already dead, but it was okay, because it didn’t hurt and I wasn’t scared anymore. Everyone tries to tell me that it was the reaction to the medication and the blood loss, that I was hallucinating, but I am 100% convinced that I was trapped in my own dead body for nearly a minute. I am also convinced that my grandfather brought me a host of angels to protect me from whatever it was that came to take me away.

– Posted by geminilove_ca; ONTD


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