The Lightning Bolt Man

May 1, 2011

I used to be a skeptic, even as a small child I didn’t really believe in hauntings and most paranormal stuff. That changed after I lived in a haunted house.

My family moved when I was around 12, and there was a bit of a creepy feeling in our new house that gradually got worse.

Myself, my brother and my sister all had frequant nightmares and a feeling of being watched. After about a year there my brother, who was 5, began talking about “The lightning bolt man” and refusing to sleep alone any more and we started hearing quiet footsteps in rooms we knew nobody was in. Then my mom brought home some tarot cards and a book about fortune telling and contacting spirits that she had found lieing on the side of the road. It might be a coincedence, but that night was when things started to get bad. Objects on shelves and walls began falling down for no reason, then stuff began FLYING across the room and hitting us kids or some of our pets. This never happened where adults could see, so us kids were told we were making it up. The footsteps in empty rooms got louder, and sometimes you could see shadowy things out of the corner of your eye.

Around this time, my step dad had a kind of a breakdown. He started talking about “tree people” watching him and climbing up the side of the house. His paranioa got worse, and started talking about “A bright, dark, light” and about things coming for him. One night he ran outside and began shining a flashlight up in the air and screaming at something only he could see, and a couple days later he tried to rob a gas station with my brother’s squirt gun and went to jail.

Now I began really trying to talk to my mom about the stuff going on in the house, but she belived that if you ‘were positive’ any spiritual presasnce would be nutral or friendly to you. Finally I was talking to her about it in the kitchen and while I was talking to her a jar lifted off the fridge and flew clear across the kitchen and hit me in the head. The jar was well back from the edge, and traveled over 6 feet through the air befor hitting me. After that she did listen, at least about the stuff flying around.

After that I decided I had to do something, and as the tarot cards and that book had given all us kids a creepy feeling, and things had gotten worse the day my mom had brought them home, I decided to get rid of them. I carefully burned them outside of the house and buried the ashes in a vacant lot. For most of a year the house was much quieter, we had only the footsteps and a vague feeling of being watched. Then it got bad again. And now in addition to all the stuff we had before, us kids started to see things that weren’t just shadows, and not just out of the corner of our eyes. Like one night I was sitting on the couch and turned a bit to the side, and I saw a hand resting on the back of the couch as if someone was hiding behind the couch and had reached one hand up. I turned to look and the hand quickly dropped down behind the couch, and there was nothing there. Also you could hear whispers and other noises coming from empty rooms, and sometimes from behind you. The cats and dog tended to run out of a room right before something happened, so us kids folowed the pets around. My mom still insisted things weren’t that bad, and nobody else believed us at all.

Finally, one day when I was babysitting my siblings we packed up some of our clothes and toys and walked down the street to our grandmothers house and refused to go home. The cats all folowed us over. Eventually my mom and grandma gave up trying to get us to go back. and a year or so later my mom walked out of that house and never went back in. She has never said what happened to her. Our landlord walked in that house a few weeks later, she walked back out, locked the door, and as far as I know, noone has been in since. There’s still some stuff inside that belongs to my family, none of us will go in after it.

– Posted by green_turquoise, ONTD


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