The Gates of Hell Have Opened

May 1, 2011
Old Dec 20, 2005, 03:00 AM
This story is hearsay but comes from a very reliable source. Source is a very responsible, smart nursing supervisor who I have never known to lie.

One night she was working ER when paramedics brought in a 30-ish pt. who was coding. This nurse “Mary” and the doctors and other nurses worked on the pt. for 45 mins. before dr. called it. Mary went to get a clean gown and other supplies and went back to the room after about 10 mins. She cleaned him up and was in the room finishing charting the code, etc. when the deceased pt. sat up in bed and shouted “Beware! The gates of hell have opened!” As soon as he said this he fell back on the bed. She went to him to check for a pulse and of course there wasn’t one. The whole ER heard this and came running.

This is charted so I really doubt she’s lying about this one.

Posted by bethin; Nursing Ghost Stories


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