The Blonde Denim Kids

May 1, 2011

Oh my gosh, I used to work at this trauma center in texas on the 6th floor. The hospital was old. Anyway, I worked night shift at this hospital as a floor tech while I was going to nursing school. One night, there was this young lady on our floor dying of AIDS. She had contracted HIV through her boyfriend who had been using IV drugs. She was bleeding and was receiving countless blood transfusions but she was losing the battle. At about 2 am, I heard her yelling out for someone…..anyone. I went to her room and she said “whose kids are those”? She had been an alert and oriented patient so I was concerned. I asked “What kids”? “The little kids with the blue jean shorts, the blonde kids”, she said. I informed her that it was 2 in the morning and that there were no children allowed on this floor at night. She appeared confused staring at an empty space on the wall and pointed at what she said was the children. She died a few hours later.

After the incident with the blonde children, and the young lady that died of AIDS; a few nights later, there was an older black lady on our floor who had been admitted earlier that shift with a possible seizure, not witnessed. I was her tech. She had been lucid. At around 2 am, she hit the call light and I want to her room. She was crouching with her body in the fetal position crying. I asked her what was wrong. She replied ” get those kids outta here”! “What kids”? I replied. “Those little blonde kids” she yelled. “I dont want them in my bed, they’re trying to take me” I told her to calm down, that there were no children in her room. This did not calm her, in fact it made her worse. She began screaming hysterically. “OH MY GOD, WHAT DO THEY WANT WITH ME, GET THEM OFF MY BED”!! She was slapping at air, screaming “dont you see them”? I told her no, as she screamed even louder. While her nurse called the doctor, I finally convinced her that she would be ok if she closed her eyes, which she did. She told me that she needed to pee. I offered her a bedpan which she refused. She told me she had problems peeing in a bedpan. So I got her up to the bedside commode and stood beside her waiting for her to finish. She still had her eyes closed. She asked me to wait right outside the door, and that she would call me when she finished, which I did. her door was cracked so I could see, and hear her in case of a seizure. All of a sudden, she began seizing. I yelled for the nurse as I ran to her side. She was slumped on the bedside commode having a grand mal seizure. It took the entire floor to get her back to the bed (she was obese). She went into respitory arrest, was coded, and died that night. That is when I started wondering about those blonde children and what they might be there for.

I continued working at the Trauma center in Texas as a Nurse Tech and the nurses had heard rumors about the Blonde children and had begun being kind of paranoid about it. It seemed like people that were dying or just plain sick were seeing children, some of them described them as blonde and some just didn’t want to describe them. They just wanted them to go away. There was a young trauma patient who had a gunshot wound to the abdomen and had gone septic. He was febrile and was delusional however he shared a commonality with other patients in that he described the blonde children in his room. He told us that “the kids are so cute, whose are they’? When we asked what kids, he relplied “the cute little Blonde boy and girl right over there”. He was pointing to an empty space in his room. He said their eyes were piercing him. He begged me not to leave him. I stayed with him for awhile talking about things that didn’t make any sense but it seemed to comfort him just having someone with him. I began thinking of the movie Children Of The Corn. He said he had never seen the movie. He had to be transferred to ICU that night and died a few days later. Nurses started refusing to take patients in report that were knowingly seeing children.

Everybody was creeped out. Anyway….thats all I have on the blonde children. I left Texas and came to Orlando and I suppose the children stayed behind. Cheers.

– Posted by JR6780; Nursing Ghost Stories

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