Said He Saw Angels Sitting In The Trees Outside

May 1, 2011

– My great grandfather said he saw angels sitting in the trees outside of his hospital room right before he passed. He also said he saw grandma, who’d been dead for several years, standing at the foot of his bed.

– A little boy I took care of for months after a bone marrow transplant said that people came into his room at night and sat next to his bed. He said they talked about Jesus. His family wasn’t particularly religious, so I believed him. He actually asked me who Jesus was, one of the first times it happened. He passed away a couple of weeks after he started seeing them.

– A young mother I took care of that died of ovarian cancer heard bells ringing and told us there was an angel with her right as she died.

As a nurse I have stories out the wazoo when it comes to near death and death experiences. Many are too subtle to be able to convey secondhand, and come across as less impressive than they were to witness in person. I definitely believe these experiences exist and are real.

– Posted by laika_came_home, ONTD


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