Dude, My Dad Just Emailed Me

May 1, 2011

My best friend came to me at about 4 am one morning freshman year in college, burst through my door and goes “dude, my dad just emailed me”.


His dad passed away when he was 13 from cancer, Him and his dad were very close and this took a huge hit on him. anyway, he sits down next to me and explains what had happened. He said he was up checking his email and one popped up and immediately opened itself. it sad “Skyler, I love you, keep going” as soon as he finished reading it, it disappeared. Since he said it disappeared after he read it I obviously couldn’t see for proof (I believe him 100% either way) but there were spam emails in his inbox from: 9/4/1963…His dad’s birthday. It would have been less creepy..had there been internet in 1963..I don’t think he slept that night.pretty sure I didnt either.


In the dorms, I lived on the second floor, and ever night we could hear running late at night on the 3rd floor. we’d go up to see who was up and running around and we’d never see anyone. Asked around and everyone said they were all in their rooms. A number of years before that, someone had hung themselves in a room on that floor. creepy stuff

– Posted by Unknown, Reddit


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