Dreams That The Same Girl Was Drowning in My Pool

May 1, 2011

I’m a very skeptical atheist, and I just remembered something from when I was a kid. Well I used to have a type of sleep paralysis (which is waking up, body stiff and unmovable, and seeing hallucinations) of seeing a dead girl, stiff in the corner of my room like a broomstick would lean against a wall, with her pointed at me. Thing is, I could move.. and I did, so I hid under the blankets.

I would have dreams that the same girl was drowning in my pool, and when I would wake up in the middle of the night I would “see” her, stiff as a board, in the corner of my room. Staring coldly, as if it were her actual dead body. In some dreams, she would be in a wedding gown that was soaked as if she was doused with water during her wedding, which didn’t make sense, until one day I had of a dream of her drowning in her actual wedding dress.

It happened so often that I told my mom because I was constantly hysterical, but I was embarrassed because I didn’t know how to explain it. Right after, a guy came to the door when I was at school and told her his daughter drowned in the pool and he wanted to see the house to stop to see who was living in it now, I guess just for nostalgia.

I didn’t know that the man stopped by until years later. My mom was terrified of it, and was afraid it would mess with my head too much. It slipped out in a conversation.

As a skeptic of anything paranormal, I think that it was a coincidence that I was having sleep paralysis-induced hallucinations of a dead girl, see her drowning in my pool in my dreams, and then coincidentally have the man come to the door and tell her about his daughter who drowned. It still makes me wonder, though.

Edit – I was in a rush when I posted this, so I forgot to post the fact that I would wake up from dreams of a fucking girl drowning in my pool to see a hallucination of her dead, in the corner of my room, staring at me, and towards the pool, which was right next to my bedroom and was visible behind the window above my bed. Christ, it still weirds me out.

Edit 2 – I don’t know the reason why the guy came to the house to see who lived there. My mom said the guy just wanted to see the house because he hadn’t been there since he left and he was lonely (I think) and wanted to talk. There’s a chance that my mom was lying about it (because there’s a chance that almost anything is possible), but she had no reason to and she was genuinely concerned and, when she told me, she was almost in tears. I can read people very well (and especially my mother), and she was being dead serious. I could tell it disturbed her.

– Posted by Unknown, Reddit


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