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May Dad

May 29, 2011

Perhaps too late to be widely read, but my Ouija board experience was as equally unsettling. My dad died in May of 2008 and I missed the last week of school but never really told anybody except my then girlfriend because the whole, “Oh-I’m-so-sorry-let-me-know-if-you-need-anything” shindig makes me comfortable.

That summer we were fooling around with the board outside a friend’s house, and we started talking to somebody that said she died of cancer in the 1950s or something. We asked if it knew anything about any of us, and it crossed the board to the first letter of my name. “What do you know about nnnnnasty?” we asked. I took my fingers off the board and just sat there. It spelled out, “M-A-Y” and I just sat there. “What happened in May?” somebody asked. “D-A-D” the board spelled out, and everybody looked at me to see if it meant anything to me.

I just said, “Yeah, uhhhh, my dad died last month,” and just looked at my girlfriend at the time, who had also taken her fingers off the board when it spelled May. Somebody asked me if I wanted them to keep going and I said, “Sure,” so they asked if my dad wanted to say anything to me. The board said, “No.”


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It got it right every time

May 29, 2011

My friend and I did something similar that at least for us has no such possibilities. It was only the 2 of us alone in a room. After a while we could operate the board solo. We went with taking turns of one of us going on opposite side of bed out of view and writing down a number, multiple digits, usually 4+. The other would then guess it off the Oujia board. It got it right every time. Only one person on the board. Certainly no proof to anyone but the two of us, but also no way someone was tricking the one on the Oujia board, except maybe our own subconscious.

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An Unearthly Howl Coming From The Playroom

May 29, 2011

My Ouija story isn’t as great as yours, but it remains unexplainable. When my sister and I were in high school, we, along with our friends, started playing around with the Ouija board, as silly high school girls will do. My mother, who is a SuperChristian (TM), was very opposed to this and insisted that it was a form of contacting the occult, which is explicitly prohibited by the Bible. We, being budding little atheists, laughed at her.

So, one evening, we are playing with the Ouija board in our playroom, which was on one side of the kitchen. We finished up and went into our family den, which is on the other side of said kitchen. We were chilling with our mom and the dogs when we heard an unearthly howl coming from the playroom. Just one, long, bone-chilling, demon howl. We all froze. I went to check out the room, but obviously nothing was there, and all of the pets were in the den.

We stopped using the Ouija after that. I’m sure it is some weird coincidence, like a rogue wolf somehow got into the suburbs or something, but it definitely sounded as though it was coming from inside the house, not outside.

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Three Knocks.

May 29, 2011

Similar story, year was 1981; we “played” with the Ouija board for several months but grew tired of it after a while. One night three of us were making fun of it at 3:00am when we heard three loud bangs on our basement door, coming from the basement. So loud they could have splintered the door. We went through the basement with kitchen knives and pellet guns but found nothing. Two weeks later my mother tripped over the stairs at the very spot where the bangs originated; she broke her neck and died on the stairs.

We didn’t have Google back then, but Google “three knocks” and see why this causes the hair on my neck to stand on end 30 years later. Tough to rationalize this as a lifelong atheist; had I not experienced it myself the world would be a simpler place. As it stands, I have to pretend it didn’t happen to maintain any sense of reality. The implications are frightening.

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June 19th, 1966

May 29, 2011

My mother grew up in a small, rural town in Ohio in the 1960s. In the summer of 1961, a teenage girl in the town was in a very bad car accident and went into a coma. No one knew if she’d live or not, and it was all anyone could talk about. One night at a slumber party, my mother and her friends took out a Ouija Board. They asked it when the girl in the coma would die, and it gave them the date of June 19th, 1966. My mother had a feeling of dread, and they all decided to put the game away. The girl in the coma died about 5 years later, on June 19th, 1966.

My mother is a very practical, down-to-earth person, but she would never let me have a Ouija Board growing up.

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You Can’t Do This To Me

May 29, 2011

I played with the Quija board before. The marker moved and answered from questions. I won’t play with it again.

My manager played with Quija Board when she was younger in Mexico. Early 20s. She experienced freaky shit. She and 2 other people (sister and sister’s friend) played with it. After playing, she personally put the board inside a box next to a tall vase located in a closet on near the kitchen. The 2 people went out to grab something at the store, leaving my manager alone in the 2 story house.

As soon my manager went upstairs to her room, She started hearing this LOUDDDD commotion coming from downstairs (1st floor) so she freaked out. She didn’t know what to do. When the commotion stopped, she heard this lady shouting in Spanish saying things like “you can’t do this to me….” as well as profanities. My manager wanted to jump out of her window to call for help. There werent cell phones at that time.

Forunately, she didn’t jump because her sister and sis’s friend got home. My manger told them what’d happened. They went to the closet. The tall vase was broken and the Quija board was out of the box.

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Two Kinds of Ouija Board Participants

May 25, 2011

Once I was at a party full of goth/emo types— friends of an acquaintance of a friend, nobody I know— and of course they pull out the Ouija board. I have always said that there are two kinds of Ouija board participants: those who marvel at how it’s spelling shit out, and those of us pushing the pointer around pretending to marvel at the stuff we’re spelling.

This time is no different. I’m the guy spelling out creepy stuff to amuse the natives. So I’m spinning this yarn about it being a guy named Steven who killed himself last year, thinking I’m all clever, and one girl playing is just getting more and more upset. Finally, she just jumps up and runs out of the room. “What’s with her?” I ask. Someone else says, “her Brother Steven killed himself last year; all that stuff was him”.

I know it was just me making shit up…. but it was accurate.

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“Hell is only the beginning of fear.”

May 24, 2011

This sounds so unbelievable, that I’m sure I will be called a troll, but what the hell, here goes nothing…

First off, I’ll preface this story with the following: I am not in any way the supersitious type. I’m an atheist (not that believing in God makes you superstitious), don’t believe in ghosts, and skeptical of just about anything and everything. I definitely consider myself a man of science.

However, even to this day, and after thinking about every possible explanation for years, I simply cannot explain what happend on this one specific night in the summer of 1999:

So, my two friends and I (when we were about 12 years old), decided to experiment with a Oujia board for the hell of it because we were a couple of bored kids without a damn thing to do. My friend Tom, whose house we were at, happened to have one for whatever reason so we pulled it out and started messing around with it, expecting nothing to happen.

Man were we wrong…

So at first, it went about as expected. One of us would screw around and gently push the marker towards a letter, spelling out words like BUTTSEX and PENIS, all of us laughing hysterically..You know, standard adolescent fare. However, after a couple of minutes, we quickly got bored of this and decided to try something different…

Queue my friend dragging his younger brother in with a deck of cards. We decided to have him pick a random card outside the room we were in (so none of us could see) and write that card down on a piece of paper (which none of us could see). After he wrote it down he would yell at us from outside the room that he was ready, and we would all place are fingers on the board and ask it directly what card Tom’s little brother just chose.

Well, we all put our fingers on the board and low and behold, it moved towards a set of numbers. I don’t recall the exact number. I do however, recall the shot of adrenaline that I received after his brother walked in the room holding a piece of paper with the exact number the board moved to..What the FUCK…but okay, calm down….probably just dumb luck. After all, we weren’t asking for suits or anything, just cards.

So we did it again. And again. And again.

Each time, his brother walked in with the same number or face that we just picked, and we could only look at eachother in amazement. This went on for a solid hour or two and we tried experimenting with different things. We had the brother rip off individual calendar dates. We moved to another room and had him pick a random television channel. We even took turns going outside and being the person to pick the arbitrary number, letter, or whatnot. Everything was right without fail. EVERY.SINGLE.TIME.

And then we decided to ask the board personal questions now believing it to be a link to some all-knowing being. I’m sure many of you can guess what types of questions we asked (being 12 and all):

1) When were we going to lose our virginity? 2) What age were we going to die? 3) What’s the name of the women that we’re going to marry?

And I remember saying aloud, “okay Oujia board, let’s get a little more abstract here. Tell us a message.”

The answer I received was, and I quote: “ only the beginning of fear.”

Never have I seen shit-eating grins of carefree adolescents turn so quickly into frowns of pants-shitting hysteria. We were done. No more.

We never really spoke of that night again and as I mentioned before, we all fell out of touch not too far after that.

Just some added info: I don’t remember every answer it gave, but for me personally number 1 was dead on. It told me 17, and god damnt, I lost it about a week before my 18th birthday. I didn’t even remember this at the time until several weeks later when I happened to be thinking about my childhood. Unfortunately, I lost touch with both of those friends so I havent had a chance to ask them if they were right.

The other answer I remember is that apparently my wife’s name is going to be Victoria. I have yet to ever meet a Victoria, but imagine the mindfuck I’ll give myself when I finally do (providing she is somewhat attractive and whatnot). Do I engage her? Is this THE Victoria? It’ll almost be like being thrown into the center of a self-fulfilling prophecy. I simply will not know what to do with myself.

Sometimes I just want to believe that it was my friends playing a practical joke on me and that it couldnt have been real. But I know what I saw, and by George, I just don’t know how to explain it….

TL;DR: Oujia Board turned into all-knowing super being. Correctly told me when I was going to lose my virginity, and (still tbd) the name of my wife.

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Stories Told At Sea

May 23, 2011

background, I am a warfare officer in the Australian Navy and I drive warships. The easiest way to describe my job is the person who pilots the ship for 4 hour shifts, and when the Captain walks onto the bridge, he often takes control of the ship off me, if he requests it. As such, I often have a team of about 3-4 on the bridge at any one time consisting of a helmsman (who physically drives and controls the engines on my behalf), a more senior ‘quarter master’ (QM…whose job is to make sure the admin of the bridge happens while i am busy navigating/talking to the operations room) and another junior warfare officer under training to learn my job, if we have a few of them onboard. ‘Watches’ are 4 hours long, with the usual rotation being 4 hours on, 8 hours off. As such, one of the +most bemoaned watch rosters is being the person who gets the afternoon (12-4pm)-graveyard shift (Midnight-4am), also known in Navy slang as the ‘Arvo and Guts Watch’. This watch is hated as it gives you the most broken sleep, as everyone onboard normally has to be up and about at 6:45am to start the day. I digress.

What this means, is that if you are unlucky enough to get the midnight-4am watch, you need to stay awake. Being up on the bridge of a warship, you need to have everything dark so as to not ruin your night vision out the windows and into the sea beyond. 80% of the ship is asleep, and I personally enjoy the quiet ‘downtime’. Weird conversations happen, and more often than not, people start talking about weird things that have happened to them. I will never forget the one night I was on a patrol boat in the middle of the Arafura Sea in northern Australia, and the story two of the sailors told me.

A patrol boat is smaller then normal warships, so I only had a helmsman on watch with me. We were hundreds of miles in the middle of the ocean, and were just having a coffee and a laugh while we sat in the dimly red-lit dark of the bridge, the muffled thrum of the ship’s engines, the sound of our bow cutting through the dark water and the muted static of our VHF radio scanning empty channels being the only sounds. Every now and then the wind would pick up and you’d hear the howl before it deposited a thin spray of salt water into our bridge windows. Hopefully I have set the scene and made you feel what it is like to be in the middle of nowhere late at night.

One of the senior engineers had wandered up to the bridge for a coffee and he was sitting on the stairs that led up to the upper deck from the bridge, and I had just finished telling my story about our old house to the sailor on the helm, who was a bit freaked out! The helmsman then told me his story….and needless to say, it in turn freaked me out. And I generally like a good ‘unexplained story’. His story really re-enforced my wariness of ouija boards/seances, as this was the prime factor behind the weirdness of the afore-mentioned house I lived in as a toddler. His story is as follows….


To begin with, the sailor told me how before joining the Navy, he used to work as a wardsman at the Royal Brisbane Hospital in early 2001. He said it was a great place to work, with other young wardsmen for company, and as he put it ‘heaps of hot young nurses.’ A few of the girls were into seances and a few of them were living on the hospital grounds in accommodation while they did their internships. One of the girls suggested that one night they go into an abandoned ward and conduct a seance, because as anyone who works in a long-established hospital will tell you, they are normally hotbeds of weird activity. (My mother is a 30 year midwife and she has some things she said she can’t explain…like mothers reporting a ‘smiling, kindly old matron with a weird hat who came and checked on me in the middle of the night and patted my baby to sleep’…despite there only being 2 young nurses on that shift all night, but I again digress). Thinking it sounded like fun, he said yes, and a few nights later after work, a few of them (plus a few nurses he hadn’t met before) all went up to the disused ward and set up the ouija board.

He said they started the seance and the glass started to move as they had ‘apparently’ contacted a spirit. He scoffed and thought it was a joke, as the glass was moving randomly with everyone putting a finger on it. Of course he thought that the others were moving the glass. He said someone was given a pen and a paper and told to scribe anything that happened. Little did he know that their innocent night was about to get really weird…

Apparently someone asked this spirit, ‘What is your name?’ The glass moved and spelled out ‘N-I-G-E-L.’ They all laughed and someone else asked, ‘Are you Good or Evil?’ (I have goosebumps as I type this) and the glass moved over to ‘EVIL.’ Still scoffing, the sailor said some other questions were asked, but they got back a lot of jibberish. Suddenly, about 2 mins later he said the glass started going absolutely nuts, and some people started goetting uneasy. Despite this, it seemed to be following a pattern so someone told the guy scribing to write down what the glass was moving to. He got something like the following, and slowly it started making words. Apparently it read, ‘I-L-L-B-A-B-Y-C-A-S-S-I-K-I-L-L-B-A-B-Y-C-A…..’ After a few more repetitions the guy scribing went, ‘Kill baby Cassi…..oh, Cassi kill baby? What the hell does that mean??’ (I joke you not here when I tell you this, the sailor telling me the story said this screwed/disturbed him for quite a while) One of the girls in the circle turned pale, held her hand to her mouth and ran from the room sobbing hysterically, like a wailing cry of utter terror. He said one of the guys went ‘Haha what’s up with her?’.

One of the other nurses went outside to console her, and the story came back as such. The girl who ran outside confessed to the other girl that she had had a secret abortion 3 weeks prior after finding out she was pregnant. She told NO ONE about the abortion, not her parents, not even her own boyfriend. Her name? You guessed it, was Cassie. That pretty much wrapped up the night, and horrified, the rest of them finished the seance and swore never to do it again.

After he finished telling me this, I was pretty freaked out, but the other older sailor (he was in his 40s) just sat there and said nothing, and drank his coffee. Trying to lighten the mood, I said ‘that was a good story, but what about you Chief (his rank), surely you have a good one you have heard?’ I noticed he was looking really uncomfortable so being a great people manager/officer (lol), I decided to go for the jugular and shame him into telling it. ‘C’mon chief, tell us!’, I jibed. I probably should have left it there, but he decided to tell us. I don’t know if it was true or not, but in hindsight, judging how reluctant he was to tell the two of us, and how freaked out he looked when he told us, it’s inclined to make me think.


To set it up, this guy was/is (as I mentioned) in his 40s. He’s been in the Navy for over 20 years working in the engine room as the Chief Engineering sailor, so he’s not a weak-willed guy prone to getting scared. From his posture, and the look on his face, I could tell he was really reluctant to tell his story. I’ve heard sailors tell stroies before (and I’ve heard some good ones) and you can tell when someone is pulling your leg. This guy was flat out scared. I almost felt bad that I tried to conjole the story out of him.

Anyway, his story started when he was 6. He said he was in Grade 2 of what some of you American readers would know as Elementary School. They had to make paper-maiche dolls for Mother’s Day, and he said he ended up making a clown marionette/puppet that was suspended on strings. He said his mother loved it immediately, and loved the fact that it was probably the first really creative thing he had made at school and prior that at kindergarden. She insisted he hang this doll off the curtain rail above his bed, as she loved seeing it hung up ion his room for ‘extra colour’.

Now being 6 years old, he said the novelty of having a clown puppet hanging over his head in bed at night started getting out of hand. After a year or so, he said he actually began to really resent the clown being there. He said he especially hated waking up in the middle of the night and seeing it leering down at him….after a while he started to realise that he hated the clown, and his imagination probably made it worse, as he felt like he was being ‘watched’ of a night time, or whenever he was in his room. He told his mother that he didn’t want it hung up above his bed anymore, but he said he could tell she really hurt by the diea of taking it down, as she really loved it being there. (I would have thought she should have hung it above HER bed, but I held my tongue!) One day, after freaking out in his sleep once too often, he took it down and threw it in the rubbish in the kitchen. He said he made sure he put some other rubbish on top of it so that his Mum wouldn’t find it. he went to bed early that night, and said he felt happy knowing it wasn’t above his head anymore on the curtain rod.

Next day he woke up to find the clown puppet back above his head. He said he cursed under his breath and thought that his Mum must have found it, gotten upset, and put it back in his room late that night/early that morning when he was sleeping. He decided not to say/ask anything about it of his mother, as he thought he’d get in trouble for trying to throw it out to begin with. A few weeks later he took it to the wheelie bin outside the house and threw it under some bottles and cans. He then placed a large bag of rubbish from the kitchen on top of it and wheeled the bin out for collection by the garbage men the next day. He woke up the next morning to find the bloody clown BACK above his head and hanging from the curtain rod.

As you can imagine he said he was upset by this point (and in real life, myself and the helmsman both realised that he was visibly shaken from telling us this) and he confronted his mother about it. He said to her, ‘Mum, why did you take that clown of the bin and put it back in my room?’ ‘James, what are you talking about? id you try and get rid of the doll? Why would you do that, you know how much that means to me, it was one of the first things you made!’ ‘Mum, I really don’t want it anymore, it scares me.’ ‘James that’s nonsense. It’s paper-maiche!’ He was upset, and assumed that his Mum was ‘onto him’ and had retrieved the doll from the rubbish.

He left it at that, but decided he would get rid of it once and for all a week later or so. One day when his Mum was out and his Dad was in the garage fixing the car, he took the puppet up the backyard and put it in the incinerator. (Australian readers will probably remember most people seemed to have one of these cicular brick areas in their backyards when they were younger for gardening/mulch etc) He said he lit the match and covered the doll in paper and dried grass. Afte ra few minutes, it was completely charred and had burned to ashes. Giddy with delight, he confessed to his mother what he had done later that day when she got home, confident in the fact that she now couldn’t do anything about it after the fact. He got grounded (and smacked!) for playing with fire, but he said his mother got over her dissappointment and moved on, with nothing more being said about it. Or so he thought.

That night he said he dreamed that he woke up, his bedroom door opened slowly, and that the clown, now on fire and in flames walked into his room and said to him, ‘You thought you could get rid of me didn’t you? Well one day you’re going to pay for what you did!’ He said he woke up screaming which brought his paretns running. He was crying but they assured him it was a bad dream. He quickly put it behind him, although he said his parents were quite concerned for a few days.

Years later, when he was 16 he had another dream. He dreamed (and now people, I can FEEL the goosebumps running up my legs!) the same clown doll walked into his room on fire and said ‘You thought I forgot didn’t you James? Well I haven’t forgotten, and trust me, one day you will pay.’ He woke up screaming again, and he told his mother about the dream. His grandmother, (who by his account was one of those hippie types who liked ‘alternate lifestyles’ etc) suggested that he see a clairvoyant/mystic/gypsy woman she knew for a card/palm reading. He thought it couldn’t hurt, and he went along and did it, despite his scepticism of such ‘rubbish’. He said the woman blanched a little when she read his cards and said ‘something or someone very bad wants to hurt you…have you offended anyone lately or in your life?’ He broke down and told her the story of the clown, and how it appeared in his dreams when he was younger and again when he was 16. She said to him ‘James, this is very bad. If you ever see that clown again, something terrible might happen and you need to be prepared.’ At this point we were quiet on the bridge. I was letting it all sink in, and I couldn’t help but notice that this sailor was shaking. I realised I shouldn’t have puhed him to tell the story, and that is was evidently something he was seriously scared of, and had been his entire life.

The helmsman, after a minute of silence blurted out what I had been thinking. ‘So Chief, have you seen it since?’. The Chief looked at us both and said ‘I have never seen it since, and I live in fear of the day that I end up dreaming I see it again.’

And that ladies and gentlemen, ended our few hours of telling stories. I went and pretended I was checking the radar and chart while the helmsman looked ahead and pretended to check the autopilot. The Chief finshed his coffee, came and looked over my shoulder at my nav-plan on the chart to see where we were, and bid us goodnight.

After the bridge door shut the helmsman and I looked at each other and uttered a rather prolonged, unified expletive. Whether it was true or not, it is the freakiest story I have ever heard. If he was pulling our leg, it was an Oscar award winning performance. The fact that he was so visibly shaken while telling it (his voice breaking at parts) led me to believe it probably wasn’t….if anything, it was real to him.

Another guy I was on watch with said he had a really freaky dream one night (wasn’t a true story, but his dream was freaky as hell) at sea. He said he dreamed he woke up in his bunk on the ship and no one was around. He dreamed he got dressed to go on watch, and all he could hear was the ship creaking and the dull sounds of waves outside the hull. He said he walked up to the bridge and found the ship on autopilot, with no one up there. Thinking it was weird, and hearing the creaking, he kept looking around. He said the worst part of the dream was that he opened a cargo hold in the lower part of the ship and found the whole ship’s company, some 56 people swinging by their necks from ropes hung from the roof of the hold, the creaking being the ropes swinging with the rock of the ship.

Weird. We laughed about it, but he said the dream freaked him out. Funny what the human mind can come up with while asleep!

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Every bible page with the name John had been folded in the corner.

May 14, 2011

This is 100% real and freaks me out every time I think about it.

Around 9 years ago, when I was 12, a close family friend had been away for the weekend, and while she had been away she had played with an Ouija bored with a few friends and her mum (btw she was around 36 and had two children one about 6 and another 11 years old)
She’s says nothing really happened, apart from when it got to her turn to ask a question the glass they was using tipped over. But she thought nothing of it, thinking it was one of her friends. When she arrived back home, the dog didn’t welcome her, Sarah said the dog was the first to notice something was different; she’d be in bed at night and hear him downstairs growling. He randomly stopped and stared in directions, and for 2 weeks he wouldn’t go in the kitchen. (it’s easier if I just list all the shit that happened because this would take all days to write if I didn’t)
– She’d come down first thing in the morning before the kids where up to find pins scattered all over the floor. It go to a point where she stopped buying them, but it still happened.
– She’d find knifes pointing up on cups she was about to make tea in.
– Her boyfriend at the time constantly complained of things going missing and the sensation of being flicked.
– Just before Christmas, she brought a large tin of chocolates, came down in the morning to find them rubbed into the carpet, she could have blamed the kids but they where away at their dads.
– One day my mum was there dying her hair, my mum started shouting at her for something, and the hairdryer flew off the table and nearly hit my mum in the face.

I was so fascinated, but didn’t dare go round for months, one day I went and the youngest boy was there.
She Said he had started to talk to someone and she was worried.
I asked him to draw his friend. I’m telling you it was the scariest damn crayon drawing I had ever seen. A bearded man with a cane, and a little boy, I ask if that was him, he said no, that’s the little boy who used to live here – I swear down I’m not shitting you, those where his words, I showed his mum she looked even more terrified.
I think It go to a point where she wanted to know more about it.
She got 30 something bibles and but them all over her room and filmed herself sleeping.
In the morning, there wasn’t nothing on the tape, but all the bibles had been stacked at the bottom of the stairs, and in every bible a page with the name john had been folded in the corner.
She had a medium come round he came in the house looked at her and told her he couldn’t help, and that his spirit was attached to her, it wasn’t good, but it wasn’t bad either, and that the little boy had nothing to do with john, that the boy had died 40years before from meningitis in the house.

The eldest lad is now 20 I think, last year her was taking some washing upstairs opened his mum bedroom door and saw an old man standing there, a clear as day, and then it just disappeared….i think he pissed himself, and what kind of 20yr would admit that.

there hasn’t been much activity for a while, she say it comes in waves.

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